Our Mission

Our Mission

To inspire hope and selflessly serve the health needs of the poor and vulnerable in society and make a difference in people’s lives through health education, health screening, and basic health care delivery to the glory of God and eternal memory of H.H. Swami Ghananand Saraswati.


A world where all people, especially the underprivileged are ensured quality health care and overall improved standards of living.

We aim to provide humanitarian services, especially in the area of health to the poor and vulnerable in society and enhance their quality of life.

We also seek to promote healthy lives for all by improving the health knowledge, skills and practices of the society and advocate preventive medicine as the cornerstone for successful health delivery.

Our Most Revered Param Guru, H. H. Swami Ghananand Saraswati taught us that Service to Man is Service to God, and his exemplary life inspired this great idea and as such having the Foundation named after him.